Cosmopolitan: Amy Klobuchar isn’t running in 2020…Yet.


Robin Marty for Cosmopolitan:

“Senator Amy Klobuchar tells anyone who asks that she isn’t running for the Democratic nomination in 2020. “’I am happy where I am right now, focused on the needs of Minnesotans,’” I hear her say more than once in August at the Minnesota State Fair — the event of the year for any local politician with county, state, or national aspirations.

“At least half of those who speak to her urge her to run in 2020, one woman wistfully calling her “’Madame President … someday.’” Klobuchar greets them all as if they were her closest friends, in one case even absentmindedly taking a French fry from a young woman’s cup and eating it as they chatted.

“It’s that sort of across-the-aisle support that could make Klobuchar a formidable contender come 2020. While Minnesota has traditionally voted Democrat in every presidential election since 1972, the larger Midwest and Great Lakes area has a much more varied result. Had Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio gone blue in 2016 as they had during the Obama elections, there would be a second President Clinton in the White House.”

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