Joe Lieberman to Elizabeth Warren: Stay out of 2020 race


Laurel J. Sweet for the Boston Herald:

“Former vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman believes U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be the undoing of the Democratic Party if she’s picked to run against President Trump in 2020.

“’She’s obviously very bright and her voice should be heard. But look, I got into politics because of another senator from Massachusetts: John F. Kennedy. He was the inspiration of our generation,’” Lieberman, 75, a former U.S. senator from Connecticut, said today during an appearance on Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” program.

“’That’s the Democratic Party that I still believe in,’” Lieberman said, “’and I don’t see that Elizabeth Warren represents that party. But let me bring it closer: Bill Clinton ran in 1992 on a platform similar to what JFK ran on and governed on. I don’t think, no matter what the mood, the Democratic Party will win a national election if it’s seen as a far-left party.’”

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