Why did the New York Times only mention 8 prospective 2020 candidates?


Virginia Kruta writing for the IJR:

“As the U.S. enters the ninth month of Trump’s presidency, The New York Times has published a list of the 2020 Democratic “contenders” — a list that should have the people hoping to make Trump a “one-term president” a little nervous.

First, the list reveals that the Democratic Party’s bench just isn’t that deep. Only nine names are on the list, and nearly all of them come with at least one caveat.

“The Democrats have three “contenders” who say they’re not running (McAuliffe, Warren, and Biden), three who won’t admit they’re running (Harris, Ryan, and Gillibrand), one (Delaney) who is a self-described “long shot,” and one the party doesn’t even want (Sanders).”

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