O’Malley plans Iowa swing


James Q. Lynch for The Gazette:

“As a Democratic presidential hopeful, Martin O’Malley visited 77 Iowa counties in the run-up to the 2016 first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses.

“Now, the former Maryland governor is coming back — not for himself, but to raise funds for Iowa Senate incumbents up for re-election.

“’My mantra is if we’re ever going to govern this country again, we have to win back the states,’” O’Malley said about the Democratic Party. So he’s been to 18 states this year, including key states like New Hampshire and Florida, and now he’s headed to Iowa.

“However, he added, it’s too early to make a decision about 2020 or beyond.

“’What all of us learn to do in life is to do the very next good thing,’” he explained. “’The good thing I have to offer is to help people in the arena in these times, for these midterms.'”

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